Butler County Emergency Management recognized as StormReady

L-R: Supervisor Tom Heidenwirth, Meteorologist Kelsey Angle, EMA Coordinator Mitch Nordmeyer, Supervisor Greg Barnett and Sheriff Jason Johnson. (Bethany Carson/Eclipse News- Review photo)

Butler County Emergency Management was recognized as StormReady last week by the National Weather Service, becoming only the 28th county out of Iowa’s 99 counties to receive this designation.

“We’re here to recognize Butler County and the great work Mitch [Nordmeyer] is doing,” said Kelsey Angle, National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist, at the county supervisors’ meeting December 19.

County supervisor Tom Heidenwirth said it’s great to see Butler County recognized as StormReady; supervisor Greg Barnett agreed.

“I think it is a great honor to be recognized as a storm ready county. Be ing one of only 28 counties in the state shows what kind of effort everyone puts into Butler County to make it a safe place,” Barnett said. “The citizens as well as anyone passing through the county should feel confident that, should anything arise, Butler County is prepared.”

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