Hometown Entrepreneurs

Linda Papenheim is beginning to decorate her shop for spring. (Bethany Carson/Eclipse News-Review photo)

Since June of 2002, Linda Papenheim’s shop Papenshack’s Porch has been the place to go for Parkersburg residents looking to add a touch of beauty to their homes.

Papenheim formerly worked as a pension plan administrator at Prinicipal Financial, but opened the gift, garden and home décor shop after deciding she wanted to be her own boss and own her own business.

Her husband is an attorney in Papenheim’s law office across the street, so she chose to open her shop near his. That’s a

decision she has never regretted. “I love the people here and the small-town atmosphere. I can work late and still feel safe,” Papenheim said.

Papenshack’s Porch started as both a gift and antique shop, but that proved to be too much work, so she chose to go the route of gifts and home décor.

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