Lori Uhlenhopp offers custom framing options and more in Aplington. (Bethany Carson/Eclipse News-Review photo)

Lori Uhlenhopp has offered custom framing, scrapbooking and gifts at Aplington Artworks for over 20 years.

In the past couple years, she has expanded to offer canvas painting parties for groups. She helps and instructs participants, and everyone adapts the design to create their own.

“It’s about a three-hour evening, and they get the canvas, the paint brushes, everything provided. All they have to do is come willing to paint…” Uhlenhopp said. “It’s supposed to be fun. There’s no right or wrong way—it’s your creation.”

Uhlenhopp’s passion for art began with drawing and sketching as a young child, and that love was reinforced in school in Aplington. As an art major in college, she had to give her own art show before graduation and learned to mat and frame her own work. She then worked as an art teacher for 10 years, often helping students prepare their art for shows.

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