Making the City of Gardens bloom

Countless volunteer hours by community members made the beautiful gardens in New Hartford possible. Shown above, volunteers work at the local fruit orchard, located one block east of Broadway Street at the corner of Water and Washington Street. (Photos courtesy of the New Hartford Lot Restoration Committee)

After the worst flood in recent history swept through New Hartford 10 years ago this week, destroying dozens of homes and damaging businesses, the community was left at an all time low.

“The tornado hit and came through the northern part of town, destroying some homes over there. Then two weeks later to the day we had the flood; that came in and took what the tornado didn’t,” said Carol Chapman, a longtime resident of New Hartford. “It affected the whole town. Businesses like Kwik Star and our hardware store left town. We had people taking FEMA buyouts on their houses and moving because they couldn’t afford to repairs their homes. Then we had 25 lots with abandoned houses around town to deal with. The community was devastated; we were at an all time low.”

But even at their lowest point, when all seemed hopeless, the community banded together to rebuild their town. Today, New Hartford is stronger and better than ever.

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