Osland retires after 22 years on Aplington Library Board

This June, Vera Osland retired from the Aplington Library Board of Trustees after 22 years of service and a life devoted to sharing her deep love of reading with others.

“Reading is, in my estimation, the single most necessary thing there is for us to be able to know, understand and intelligently live next to one another,” Osland said. “I think the very future of our country is affected by whether we seek information or not.”

Osland joined the library board in 1997, for what she was told would be a three-year term. The board, apparently, never let her go.

During her tenure, she saw the Aplington Library expand-ed and remodeled. She also saw the library progress from having one computer in the office to a whole bank of com-puters available for community use.

“It has been a really enjoy-able thing. The board is a com-patible group of people, and the librarian has always been a person who was intent on carrying out the wishes of the board,” Osland said. “I don’t remember a single time there was a hassle between members of the board or the board and librarian.”

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