A-P eighth graders explore circuit playgrounds

Ask eighth graders in Klay Hoppenworth’s Aplington-Parkersburg technology exploratory class what they think of school, and chances are, you’ll hear it’s a lot of fun. Students are currently exploring circuit playgrounds with hands-on activities drawing them into the world of programming. Hoppenworth teaches coding using the Computer Science Discoveries Program sponsored by code.org.


“We just got done with HTML Coding, which is coding for websites, and now we’re working on coding circuit boards, so what they’re doing right now is they’re creating an interactive game using a circuit, and the circuit lights up, and they have to use a computer program to program the circuit…” Hoppenworth said. “It’s been pretty fun to see them problem solve using technology and come up with a creative way to use this.”


Students work in teams to create everything from a basketball-type game with the circuit board acting as a timer to guessing games and games where the circuit board selects how many squares to move on a board, similar to Wheel of Fortune.


“[This] unit includes coding Adafruit’s Circuit Playgrounds. Mr. Hoppenworth wanted students to see the physical output of their coding, so he created a unit for eighth graders to use circuit playgrounds in an interactive way,” said Nancy Flanigan, Tech Integrationist for the Aplington-Parkersburg School District.


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