Scratch-off savings with the Eclipse

The Eclipse News-Review wants everyone to be a winner with the Super Sub Scratch-Off promotion offered to its readers. 


This week, every Eclipse News-Review copy will contain a scratch-off ticket.


Ready to save? Don’t scratch that ticket just yet!


Bring that unscratched ticket to the Eclipse office before Friday, Oct. 4 and pay for a new 12-month subscription or renew an existing subscription for 12 months.


Once payment is complete, scratch that ticket and we’ll add on however many extra months you’ve won to your new or renewed subscriptions.


Everyone will get at least two extra months free on their new/renewed 12-month subscription. Lucky readers have a chance to win up to 12 extra free months!


Tickets are considered void if they are scratched before a 12-month subscription is paid. Tickets cannot be used on subscription purchases that were made before Sept. 10, 2019. See the ticket for complete details on the promotion.


Extra tickets will be available in replacement of voided tickets. Can’t make it to the Eclipse office? Send your unscratched ticket and payment for a 12-month subscription to the Eclipse, PO Box 340, Parkersburg, Iowa, 50665. We’ll process your payment, scratch your ticket and then let you know how many extra issues you won!


If you accidentally do not receive a ticket with your copy of the Eclipse, or if you lost yours, no worries! Extra tickets will be available at the Eclipse office at 503 Coates Street in Parkersburg. The Eclipse office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Good luck to all, and thank you for reading!

Jake Ryder


Eclipse News-Review