Spring break, security and soccer seriously scrutinized at school board

The possibility of no spring break in 2020 is up in the air with the A-P school board. With the traditional spring break, students would be left in the classrooms until Tuesday, June 3 to fulfill the required number of hours. With added snow days, even more time would be spent behind school desks. On average, there are two to four snow days per winter—sometimes none and sometimes up to seven. That means school could still be in session until June 10. If spring break is skipped, kids could be free by May 27.

“If there is a year to have no spring break, this is the year,” Superintendent Jon Thompson said, based on the 2019-2020 start date.

While most schools have spring break, there are some who have led the way without it, preferring an early dismissal. School board member Dave Schneiderman told of one school that managed to have their last day on May 18. One possibility is adding 15 minutes to each school day. But Superintendent Thompson pointed out flaws in that plan including issues that would occur with the bussing schedule. School board member Derek Harken would like to see school out before Memorial Day. Thompson agreed to construct another calendar with no days off, in addition to the two calendars he has already showed to the board.

“We should look at all the options. If we’re serious about getting rid of spring break, we need to look at all the possibilities,” said Harken.

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