Survey shows farmland values increase slightly

This month, Iowa State University released the results of their annual Farmland Value Survey for 2017, which shows a slight increase in values in Butler County and across the state after three consecutive years of declines.

In 2017, farmland values rose an average of two percent across the state, with prices rising from $7,183 per acre to $7,326 per acre – a $143 increase. Here in Butler County, prices increased slightly more than the state average, about 2.75 percent, from $8,552 to $8,816 per acre, or $264 per acre.

Surrounding counties’ land values are up as well: Grundy County prices rose three percent to $8,816 per acre, Bremer County prices rose just over three percent to $8,402 per acre, Franklin County prices rose almost three percent to $7,750 per acre, and Floyd County prices rose two and a half percent to $7,512 per acre.

The report states that positive factors inf luencing the land market include low interest rates, limited land supply, strong yields, strong demand and investor demand, while the most commonly noted negative factor influencing the market was lower commodity prices.

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