Kathy Miller stands near a rock formation on a black sand beach. (Submitted photo)

Residents at Maple Manor in Aplington and the Rehabilitation Center of Allison may not often have the opportunity to travel, but they do get to see the world through the eyes of administrator Kathy Miller of Aplington.

Miller’s daughter, Cynthia McCready, currently lives on a base in Germany where her husband serves in the U.S. Army. This October, they decided on a mother-daughter reunion in Iceland. Miller recently shared photos and the experience with residents in Aplington and Allison.

Miller left the United States on Oct. 4 and f lew non-stop from Minneapolis to Reykjavik. She arrived on Friday at 6:30 a.m., and spent the day at the Keflavik Airport (a former U.S. base), catching up on emails and watching two flights come in every 10 minutes, as she waited for her daughter’s flight to arrive.

“A lot of people travel through there, and have a quick tour before they catch their next plane,” Miller said.

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