To Butler County, with love

Seth McDuffee
Eclipse News-Review

Well, folks, this is it. I have been having a grand old time here at the Eclipse News-Review, but as the controversially ubiquitous Robert Zimmerman famously said, “the times they are-a changin’.” Shame he went with that strange stage moniker.


Unfortunately, this is the final curtain call for my time as News Editor at this publication; the last caboose out of funky town; the penultimate sunset winding down on my storied months here at this wonderful structure of the written word and updates. I have been called upon by the sonorous summoning horns of the wind, and I have answered by text message.


Now, surprisingly, I wasn’t terminated. Yes, I know; I would have assumed that my constant and often clandestine use of puns would have gotten me tossed on my ear a long time ago. But no, despite the company’s best efforts to appeal to my otherworldly and powerful vanity, I am regrettably resigned to the whims of the world, and as such, will be moving to the ancient and historic village of Iowa City.


Mica (my better 5/8ths) has accepted a job offer there, and ever the rascally rogue, I will be moving there as well. But, just because I am taking the ship with the elves to the Undying Lands (Lord of the Rings spoiler, but you’ve had 17 years to see it, and I grow weary of walking on eggshells), it doesn’t mean I won’t have fond memories of my time here.


In fact, nearly every single memory I have in the 10 months I worked here was a pleasant one—except for the time a coffee mug slipped out of my hand and broke in the sink… and the time I broke the pull chain on the bathroom light by accident. Or the time I broke my tooth on a Skittle. I’m starting to realize that I’ve broken a lot of things here, including hearts! [citation needed]


But, be that as it may, it is essential to note what you appreciate when leaving a job on good terms, especially if it has been one of the most rewarding and engaging careers you’ve had the fortune to somehow stumble into.


So, without further ado, the mushy thank yous.


Thank you to:


Jake Ryder

Robert Maharry

Danielle Potkonok

Dave Vallery

Bethany Carson

Amy Cleveland

Lisa Bakker

Rhonda James

Diane Paige

Molly Kahler

Chris Luhring

BJ Humphrey

Aimee Allan

Michelle Renken

Ashley Holub (for the probably billions of calories I was able to consume, ha!)

Robert Hughes

Justin Stockdale

Deb Prier

Shawna Hagen

Clint Daniels


And so many, many more city officials and residents of Butler County. It would be a very long list if I didn’t have a page limit. But thank you all, my time was well spent here.


I think the Award-Winning Historical Biopic Documentary, “Disney’s Tarzan” has an appropriate lyric that perfectly typifies my feelings toward all of you. The track is by Phil Collins and is from the song, “You’ll Be In My Heart”:


You’ll be in my heart.


Well, that’s it for me, partners. I best be hitting the long, winding, dusty trail to the city of gold, but I have absolutely enjoyed this ride while it lasted. Thank you all, once again, from the bottom of the cavity where once a heart was, but now only has Cool Ranch Doritos.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.


Seth McDuffee

(former) News Editor

Eclipse News-Review



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