LTE: Biden will be President for all Americans

Jane Close and Ruth Saulsbury
Butler County Democratic Central Committee
Thank you to Democrats, Independents and Republicans who voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They were successfully voted into office with Biden's message, “I’ll be a president for all Americans." That promise includes those voted for him, those who did not and those who didn't vote at all.
To rectify statements in the recent letter to the editor made by Dale Huberg and Mike Davis: 
Democrats will not be "enacting radical leftist policies," as Biden is a moderate. There are no "plans to pack the Supreme Court;" instead a bi-partisan commission will be formed to study Supreme Court and federal judiciary reforms. Biden's plan to "raise taxes" is to return individual and corporate taxes to the George W. Bush-era levels. There are currently 91 Fortune 500 companies that pay zero taxes. Biden's opposition to starving sanctuary cities of federal funding is an assault on everyone who lives there, not a plan to "authorize sanctuary cities." Plans to expand opportunities for legal immigration and humanitarian visa programs do not include "open borders giving free health care to undocumented aliens." There are no plans to "destroy our energy industry with The Green New Deal." Market forces are shaping our energy future with renewable energy, both wind and solar, which have already surpassed the use of coal. Plans to "repeal the Second Amendment" are far-fetched, as any change to the Constitution requires a two-thirds vote of Congress and ratification by three-fourths of the state legislatures, a very long and drawn out process. The Biden plan is to end the gun violence epidemic with measures that will “respect the Second Amendment.” 
No one is well served by misinformation and inflammatory buzz words. Accurate information and compromise will better serve our country. We would all do well to remember that.
Jane Close, Butler County Democratic Central Committee Chair
Ruth Saulsbury, Butler County Democratic Central Committee Vice Chair 


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