A-P sixth graders to present "The XYZ Files"

A-P sixth graders will present “The XYZ Files” next week. (Contributed photo)
Bobbi Abbas
A-P Play Director

​The Aplington-Parkersburg sixth graders will be presenting “The XYZ Files” on Oct. 11 and 13 in the high school auditorium. Both performances start at 7 pm and there will be a free will offering.

​Forget “The X Files”.  What you really want to know about are “The XYZ Files”.  The FBI Agents Scallop and Mildew must solve the mystery of disappearing shopping malls or quit government service.  If this happens, the XYZ Files will be closed for good.  The malls have been swallowed by gigantic sinkholes due to a mad botanist, Dr. Eccentric,  who has created an enormous ant farm.  With the help of the mysterious Jellybean Person, our agents devote themselves to defeating the botanist, who now believes she’s the world’s most brilliant ant.   They also must find the Mulch City Mall, which just dropped from sight in front of unsuspecting teenagers!  This crazy farce has some worldly funny characters, such as cheerleaders, creatures, dazed students, and a little old lady searching for free samples at Chucky’s Chocolates.  There’s plenty of action, too. Will the XYZ Files be terminated or will Agents Scallop and Mildew triumph?  

​Please come out and support these young thespians.  They’ve been working hard for weeks and are ready to perform for the community. 



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