Pump track now available at Wilder Park

A member of the Nora Springs Boy Scout group rides the new pump track at Wilder Park. (Contributed photo)
Jake Ryder
Eclipse News-Review

A “pump track” is now available at the north end of Wilder Park in Allison.

The track – a stretch of land designed to be ridden completely by riders “pumping” their bike with up-and-down movements, rather than pedaling or pushing the bike – is located beside the Rolling Prairie Bike Trail next to Wilbur’s Woods.

Young bicycle riders are encouraged to use the pump track, and a timing device is planned for the future to time their rides around the pump track.

Dr. George North, Allison Park Board President, said the pump track is “user-friendly” and has a “medium degree of difficulty.” He also said the track was constructed so bicycle riders would use the new facility rather than ride in the streets of the park where there can be much traffic which can be dangerous to bicycle riders.

Leaders and scouts of the Nora Springs Scout Group were the first to use the new project while they were camping at Wilder Park.



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